Three Easy Steps to Win:


5000 peso worth of Fully Booked Gift Certificates


Three easy steps to win:

  1. Answer the very short survey in
  2. Tell your friends about it through blogs/ facebook/ twitter, etc. indicating the blog site: 
  3. Link your post to this comment section.


Rules and Guidelines:

  • The contest starts on Jan. 20, 2010 and ends on Feb. 15, 2010 (11:59pm).
  • The winner will be randomly drawn from the surveys and I’ll double check first if you did the post about the contest in your blogs/ facebook/ twitter, etc.
  • Don’t forget to put your email address in the Registration form in the survey because that’s where you’ll be contacted. 
  • One entry per person.
  • The winner will be announced on Feb. 16, 2010.
  • This contest is open to Metro Manila residents only.

Good Luck Everyone! 🙂

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Thank you everyone for participating.

Congratulations to Ms. Lizz Buenaventura for winning the 5000 peso Fully Booked GC. We’ll be contacting you through your email.


448 Responses to “Three Easy Steps to Win:”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Survey – done!

    Here’s the link –

  2. Winchelle Choa Says:

    done 🙂

  3. Winchelle Choa Says:

    here’s the link by the way..

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  5. Stephen Uy Says:

  6. Niña Says:

    Survey, done!
    Promotion, here:


  7. Irish Says:

    Here we go:

  8. Solo Says:

    Posted it too in my Facebook. 🙂

  9. Solo Says:

  10. Patricia Says:

    Here’s the link:

    I hope I win! 🙂

  11. Phil Dy Says:

  12. Isa Lacuna Says:


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  14. El Says:

    Posted on my Twitter account:

  15. Kenna Says:

    I hope I win!

  16. Mari Says:

    Here’s the link!

  17. Kath Says:



  18. Abi Says:


  19. Yang Says:

    I’d go date-less on Valentines, I want those GCs!

  20. Yang Says:

    I’d go date-less on Valentines, just give me those GCs!

  21. Katrina Says:

    Here’s my post:

  22. Aldrin Says:

    Here you go:

  23. Kasper Says:

    Tweet #918 at

  24. Lea Says:
    i posted it through tweetdeck

  25. Michelle Beltran Says:

  26. Rhoanne Says:

    I want the GCs!! haha.

  27. Rhoanne Says:

    oh here’s my post,,

  28. Gretchen Says:

    Hey, thanks for creating this contest :p Hope I actually do win:

  29. Lauren Says:

    Here are my posts. 😀

  30. Cheska Gesmundo Says:

  31. Jamie Says:

  32. Anna Gan Says:

    RT @faithlessphil Take a survey, win Fully Booked GCs:

  33. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by patriciavalerio: Win P5K worth of Fully Booked GCs! Here’s how:

  34. Jade Says:


  35. Tracy Says:


  36. jho Says:

    done 🙂

  37. Justine Says:

    Posted 🙂

  38. Dave Says:

    PLS PLS PLS!!!

  39. Christian Says:


  40. Melai Says:

  41. Patricia Flores Says:

    done! 🙂

  42. Cinderella Mayo Says:



  43. Steef Uy Says:

    Posted it on my twitter 🙂

  44. Ching Says:

  45. Soleil Says:

  46. aaronturon Says:

    Tweeted it!

  47. mica Says:

  48. raiza Says:

  49. Elle Says:


  50. Rich Tuason Says:

  51. Abby Says:

    Done 🙂

  52. Mary Says: 🙂

  53. Mary Says:

  54. Alyssa Says:

    Yay, here it is!

  55. Rejie Says:


  56. Andrea Lagdameo Says:

  57. Annix Says:

  58. ching Says:

    posted! 🙂

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  60. N. Says:

    posted in my blog 🙂

  61. Finella Says:

    here it is! –

  62. Jihan Says:

    Here it is 🙂

  63. DA Says:


  64. kate Says: – I answered and posted! 😀

  65. JME Macaspac Says:

  66. Karina Ayco Says:

  67. Sheine Flores Says:

  68. Nikko Says:


  69. Nikko Says:

  70. aLps Says:

  71. Cleve Says:

  72. JME Macaspac Says:

    Here’s mine:

  73. omonadon Says:


  74. mars Says:

    i hope i win! 😀

  75. macy Says: here you go! 🙂

  76. krisadora Says:


  77. andrei Says:

  78. Nyn Says:

    survey and link done! 🙂

  79. Phil Says:

  80. Annie Says:

    I posted it on Twitter.

  81. Prana Says:

  82. Albert Says:

  83. Cess Says:

  84. beila Says:

  85. Lian Says: here’s the link to where i posted it

  86. christa Says:


  87. kathleen kay Says:

  88. maan Says:

  89. Beej Says:

    Done. 😛

  90. Nikki M Says:


  91. Arlene Jane Chang Says:


  92. denzoid Says:

    posted! here goes:

  93. Elie Says:

    Done! Posted it here:

  94. Audrey Says:

  95. Audrey Says:

    Wrong link ^

  96. Ron Villasquez Says:

  97. dax Says:


  98. jhanebibe Says:

    here’s my post:

    my post is also automatically posted on my accounts in facebook, friendster, and twitter. so four posts in all.:))

  99. Ejae Magno Says:

  100. pausiu Says:

    *wishes to win* 😀

  101. trisyaturga Says:

    all fingers crossed! HAHAHA. :))

  102. China Says: I did it!:)

  103. Emmanuel Sandel Says:

  104. Fatima dela Cruz Says:

  105. Fatima dela Cruz Says:

    Answered. Posted.

  106. christine ureta Says:…_a_handful_of_books_XD Here XD

  107. Kristine Says:

    done! here are my posts:

  108. Dorothy Says:

    here’s mine:

  109. tanj Says:

    posted in tumblr 😉

  110. mela Says:

    did it.

  111. Rissa Says:

  112. screaminglight Says:


  113. elaine Says:


  114. chris Says:


  115. Aviva Says:

    I’m done with the survey. Here’s the link to my post:

  116. chris Says:

    posted in plurk 😉

  117. Lawrence Says:

  118. boy kuripot Says:

    Linked it to my blog

  119. sagiscor Says:

    pangit.. MM residents lang.. include mo naman mga tga Cebu. hihihi ^^,

  120. rosa Says:

  121. Sha Says:

    Here you go:

  122. noreen daypuyat Says:

  123. Ricky Says:

    Hi! done… link posted

  124. Ivy Belle P. Tiongco Says:

  125. Ivy Belle P. Tiongco Says:

  126. Ivy Belle P. Tiongco Says:

  127. Bagel Says:

    I already answered the survey and shared it through twitter. here is my link:

  128. Rose Says:

  129. Didi Says:

    Done 🙂

  130. Verna Says:

    fb post 🙂

  131. edelweiza Says:

    i joined!

  132. Rowell Lee Says:

  133. Bryan Says:

    here ^^

  134. Dresden Marie Bondame Says:

    done! =)

  135. Stonibert Lim Says:

    Got it on facebook

  136. crimsonshock Says:

    link, over here!

  137. thekaisu Says:

    Here you go:

  138. Suzanne delos santos Says:

  139. Dresden Marie Bondame Says:

  140. camille Says:

  141. Jojami Ko Says:

  142. Erickson Valenzuela Says:

    here’s mine

  143. tintin Says:

    answered and posted

  144. kcire Says:

    here’s mine

  145. kcire Says:

    here’s mine

  146. Almi Says:

  147. Mai Says:

    survey done 🙂

  148. Jecy Says:

    HI. i posted mine already 🙂

  149. monday Says:

    Answered the survey!

    Here’s my entry!

  150. Jun Says:

  151. maricar de guzman Says:

    done !

  152. Zach Says:

  153. marie Says:

  154. marie Says:

  155. jagger Says:

    heres mine 🙂

  156. Vanessa Says:

  157. ria villareal Says:

    done.posted it on my facebook.

  158. Aaron Says:

    tweet it!

  159. jhen Says:

    survey done!
    Posted it on facebook..
    hope i win!=)
    heres the link..

  160. Kathleen Lopez Says:

    survey done 🙂

  161. Jessica Kim Says:

  162. Free Fully Booked GCs? « Fetish for Kittens Says:

    […] […]

  163. kittenkyd Says:

    Here you go:

  164. Sabrina Says:

    Took the survey and posted the advert at

  165. ollie Says:

  166. Cha C Says:

    Here ya go!

  167. crystalmoonshine Says:

  168. Jan Says:


  169. Red Says:

    posted! twitter 🙂

  170. Alvin Lizada Says:

    Books are the foundation of Knowledge

  171. Aiz Says:

    Done. 🙂

  172. Noriza Says:

    I tried it, too. Hehe.

  173. Didi Says:

  174. dyenita Says:

    here’s mine:

  175. joi Says:

    okay here it is…

  176. Zach Says:

    Here’s mine:

  177. kimpalanca Says:

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  179. Aila Sim-Yonzon Says:

  180. ayinrivera Says:

    here you go:

  181. rachel Says:

  182. Juvie Says:

    Finished the survey! Here:

  183. Gail Says:

    Here you go.

  184. Bachuchay Says:

    Here’s my entry:

  185. Dan Says:

    done! here’s the post:

  186. emiliana Says:

  187. nikkayamoyun Says:

    survey done!

    posted it on my FB

  188. dementia Says:

    I blogged about it

    Karen Ang on the survey

  189. Joy Santos Says:

    Suvey done!

    Blog post done!

    Hope I get that GC! =D

  190. Ben Francis Rances Says:

    I posted it:

  191. Ben Francis Rances Says:

    also here:

  192. cornelio jr. Says:

    posted it at twitter :

  193. cornelio jr. Says:

    shared via

  194. emiliana Says:

    tweeted at

  195. emiliana Says:

    shared via

  196. cath santos Says:

    here they are:

    thanks 🙂

  197. Christine Cruz Says:

  198. Marielle Says:

    This is the most awesome thing ever!

  199. Lienne Says:

    Hope I win!!! 🙂

    Here’s the link:

  200. Tco Says:

  201. Nicolo Marvin Dy Quieng Says:

    Here is my link:

    Thanks and More power 🙂

  202. Juvie Says:

    Survey done! Here is my link:

  203. koi Says:

  204. Colwin Tanhehco Says:

    Here’s my entry/tweet:

  205. Three Steps to Win P5000 worth of GCs from Fully Booked | Says:

    […] Tell your friends about it through blogs/ facebook/ twitter, etc. indicating the blog site: […]

  206. nix Says:

    done! yay!

  207. Tiffany A Says:

  208. isaw08 Says:


  209. Johnine Says:


  210. Danize Says:

  211. Nikka Says:

    Here are the links.:)

  212. mizhelle Says:


  213. Cheryl Matias Says:

    here it is :

  214. Ruth Says:

    here it is:

  215. camill catalan Says:

  216. dailydejavu Says:

    Here’s the link:


  217. Arriane Bon Says:

  218. cherry Says:

    here it is:

  219. Maricris Apostol Says:

    i did thesurvey

  220. Nicely Rom Says:

    done with the survey and linked to twitter.


    hope this becomes valid. thanks!

  221. Frances Bacali Says:

    done with the survey.. posted it via Plurk:

  222. barbwrired Says:

    thru facebook 🙂

  223. mars Says:

    survey done
    i posted it here..
    and here..

  224. Kareen de Jesus Says:

    I hope I win!!!

  225. Jamie Says:

    link! 🙂

  226. Arriane Bon Says:

  227. joyce bocboc Says:

    survey done…weird survey by the way!! hehe

    duno if this link works…

  228. Kimberly Dela cruz Says:

    done with the survey!
    posted it on twitter

    on my facebook wall
    hope i win!

  229. Christine Mayo Says:

    Here are the links:





  230. Christine Mayo Says:

  231. jasmin yap Says:

    here’s the link

  232. laarni lopez Says:

    survey completed! blog about the contest, published! here’s the link –

  233. marie ricana Says:

    Survey done.
    Posting done too at my blog:

    hope i win. 🙂

  234. arnie Says:

    twitter profile that says:
    want php5000 worth of fully booked gc? click here

  235. Michelle Aleli Villestas Says:

    Answered the survey!

    Check out my posts:



  236. kaythrine bigueras Says:

    Im done with the survey and post you contest here

  237. Jessica Banzuela Says: 🙂

  238. superchiholic Says:


  239. katrina laroco Says:

    done 🙂

  240. Courtney Ngo Says:

    Please please please please please!

  241. yopejdgreat Says:

    Survey done.
    Link posted.
    Can’t wait.


  242. czaroma Says:

    tweet about this:

  243. Livia Cristela O. Reyes Says:

    twitter post

  244. Nikki Santos Says:


  245. Krizia Leones Says:

    let’s all win! :))

  246. Me-an Says:

    Done. Hope I’ll win.

  247. Gail Says:

    Done! 😀

  248. Min Says:

    done with the’s my post

  249. Anne Says:

  250. melandria Says:

    i like to join but when i read the end of the note, Contest for Metro Manila residents only, then i felt sad. I live in Naga City and it’s really far from Manila. Good luck to all.

  251. Irina Igami Says:

    survey done!


    here’s the link from my blog post 🙂

  252. Nikka Says:

    Done with the survey!

  253. petitevoyageuse Says:

    I did it 🙂

  254. Fetz Says:

    Thanks for having this giveaway! Posted a link to this page on my blog’s sidebar: I hope I win hahahaha

  255. Cha Subang Says:

    here’s the link ->
    GC! GC! GC! 😀

  256. Jubilee Sanchez Says:

    here’s the link:

    hope to win this for my sister =)

  257. Glenda C. Santos Says:

    Already promoted on this link

  258. vhinz Says:

    done here is the link

  259. Kyra Sanchez Says:

    um i’m sory about the first post..can u cancel that one…coz when i check the link…it wont work so i post to another site instead of using facebook….pls delete my first post thanks for understanding

  260. nikka Says:

    survey done.


  261. Yssa Says:

    This is nice!

  262. jhen Says:


  263. Helen Says:

    thank you.:) i answered the survey and posted it on my fb

  264. Malou Says:

    Hope to win! Here’s the link:

  265. Lawrence Says:

    I’m done with the survey 🙂

    Here are my link sharing to this contest

    Thanks and Good luck 🙂

  266. kay Says:

  267. leah Says:

    done with the survey

    here’s my link:

  268. Jessica Banzuela Says:

  269. mela Says:

    Finish the survey,post the link,hope to win!!yey! thanks!

  270. mary rose adelle pacificar Says:

  271. mary rose adelle pacificar Says:

  272. Win The GC Contest (you never know!) | Yumyum Tumtum Says:

    […] Tell your friends about it through blogs/ facebook/ twitter, etc. indicating the blog site: […]

  273. karissa Says:

  274. Ma. Paula Rhove Ortega Says:

    posted it in my blog, FS, FB and twitter:

    thanks. more power!

  275. Arriane Bon Says:

  276. Carla Grepo Says:

    Posted it on my twitter:

  277. Cecille Says:

    posted it.

    thank you!

  278. Get a chance to win Php5,000 worth of Fully Booked GCs « Hits and Mrs. Says:

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  279. moonchild117 Says:

    joined your contest! shared your link, too:

  280. Mirelle Says:

  281. Cristina Mojica Says: 🙂 woops

  282. Cristina Mojica Says:


  283. JC Says:

    here you go:

  284. Bessi Lasala Says:

    finished the survey. link below. 🙂

  285. Marlz Cabale Says:

  286. Jenin Velasquez Says:

  287. Michael Gonzales Says:

    Just answer the survey and win 5000 peso worth of Fully Booked Gift Certificatespara sa mga malamig na 214 just check it

  288. Eru Petrasanta Says:

    the other one has the wrong link. This one’s better. everything’s done. 😀

  289. besthosting Says:

    I’m joining!

    Thank you. 🙂

  290. angelfyke Says:



    Here’s my links.


  291. athena lamery Says:

    here’s the link

  292. NightShadow05 Says:

    done 🙂

  293. Win Gift Certificates! - Musings on Business, Culture, Government, Law, Technology, Travel, the Philippines and others - The Council Says:

    […] After answering the survey above, tell your friends about it through blogs, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.  Don’t forget to indicate the blog site: […]

  294. Patrick Says:

    Tweeted (

    Blogged (

  295. Jenny Says:

    Here’s the link:


  296. ina eusebio Says:

    posted the link!

  297. Simeona Maria M. Cuevas Says:!/simeona?ref=profile

  298. Kyra Sanchez Says:

    here’s the link


  299. jaysonyang Says:

    I would love to have those GCs! Win the GC blog rocks!

  300. Rogelio Estacio Jr. Says:

    Did it!

  301. Zabra Siwa Says:

    here’s the link:

  302. Karen Pineda Says:

    Linked! :

  303. Darcee Says:

    done! 😛

  304. Darcee Says:

  305. loverofsummer Says:

    Survey done!:))

  306. Ryan Ramos Says:


  307. phoebee Says:

    that is where my post is…. thanks…^.^

  308. Monique Says:

    Survey done! Here’s the link to my blogpost:

  309. Xyla Says:

  310. Dani Rojas Says:

  311. Antoinette Libera Says:

  312. fhaye Says:

    here’s the twitter link:

    here’s the facebook link:!/fhaye.fray?v=feed&story_fbid=291441640679&ref=nf

    here’s the tumblr link:

    and here’s my blog link:

  313. Kaye M. Says:

  314. Bea Says:


  315. camz Says:


  316. Xyla Says:

  317. Xyla Says:

  318. Jason Says:

    done! ;D

  319. Kaye Raymundo Says:!/iamsuperk?ref=profile

  320. Jem Says:

    Tumblr site:

  321. Aileen Says:

    Done! ;D 🙂

  322. Karlo Noel Says:

    here is my entry,,good luck to all of us.

  323. Abaam Says:

  324. Justin Says:


  325. Lynnette Says:

  326. Ericha Hayes Capeding Says:

    Here it is :

  327. rginedav Says:

    yay! c:

  328. gia Says:

  329. kjv2g Says:

    had a problem the last time…

  330. Denise Cua Says:

  331. Via Says:

  332. aria Says:
    done. :))

  333. Lance Says:


  334. Linds Says:

  335. Aimee Says:

    I’m done!

  336. Sunshine Says:

  337. mafiae Says:

    Here’s the link

  338. Jourdan Gan Says:

  339. Mikka Says:

  340. Nachi Garcia Says:

  341. babitter Says:

  342. Anne Ronidel Says:

    Here you go:

    I hope I win 😀 *crossfingers*

  343. Debby Says:

  344. Mashoo Says:


  345. FD Says:!/note.php?note_id=319506973351

    I really, really want this. =)) K.

  346. Melissa Says:

    Hope this works 😛

  347. Lei Says:

    woof here’s the link.

  348. Rachelle Says:

    Here you go! 🙂

  349. frachelkong Says:




  350. Agustin John P. Cabredo II Says:

    Ive posted it thru twitter, facebook and plurk, here are the links

  351. Anna Rhea Teves Says:

    here’s the link

  352. Kris Lao Says:

    Finished the Survey!

    Here’s the link to the post:

  353. Donna Pua Says:

    posted it on my Tumblr:

  354. Vince Says:

    I love books and I love free books.

    Promoted on Facebook and Twitter:

  355. Misty Belardo Says:!/mistybelardo Posted on Facebook and survey done =)

  356. Ning Says:

    done the survey heheh…thats cool!!!

    Blogged about the contest:

    Followed you on twitter and retweeted:
    Username: Ning4u

    Post on my FB status:
    Username: Ning Buning

  357. Sheila Mae Tabamo Says:!/stabamo?ref=profile

  358. Quennie Mae Lungay Says:

    Just finished the survey.. I posted this contest here –

  359. Pauline Says:

    PRAYING to get these. 😀 Thanks!

  360. Melba Javier Says:

    here’s the link..

  361. Rowell Lee Says:

    here’s my post on twitter:

  362. Maria Cristel May-Ann Y. Magdaong Says:

    Done ^^,
    Here’s the link

  363. Ginela Says:

    Hereness: 🙂

  364. fritzie Says:

    done survey – here’s the link!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=684609218

  365. Mary Rose Mania Says:

    finished! Ü

  366. Ann Says:

    done with the survey

    here’s my post:

  367. yan Says:!/yanbirog?v=feed&story_fbid=326401082159&ref=nf

    hope to win! 😀

  368. Peachy Marasigan Says:

    Answered the survey and posted a link in my FB

  369. camille Says:

  370. Maricar Says:

  371. Lizz Says:

    Survery done!

    Tweeted and plurked:

  372. Irene Calma Says:

    Here be links!!/profile.php?id=592077700&ref=nf

  373. Bautista Says:


  374. Theresa R. Says:


    and at plurk (but it’s only readable to my friends)

  375. rina Says:

    this is nice.. thanks for sharing this ^_^

  376. mr. perk Says:


  377. twistedsunshine Says:

  378. hellgirl Says:

    here’s my post!

  379. Meryll Sarco Says:

    Here’s mine !:)

  380. Meryll Sarco Says:

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  382. astroboyisagirl Says:

    shucks. P5000! 😀

  383. Maude Says:

    done! here’s the link 🙂

  384. trixie Says:

  385. Ings Says:

    here’s my post on facebook:

  386. Jacklyn Remo Says:

    Plurk post:

  387. Alvin Says:



  388. Trina Moncera Says:

    Posted on twitter and facebook:!/?ref=home

  389. Ian Papasin Says:

    posted it in my twitter account –

  390. Jon Galvez Says:

    here’s the link.

  391. sportspod Says:

  392. Mike Yu Says:

    Here’s my link:

  393. annie david Says:



    or find it in my wall (Annie David)

  394. beanka Says:



  395. Nikki Erwin Ramirez Says:

    I want those GC’s!

  396. Hiyas de Guzman Says:

    here’s my post on plurk and twitter:

  397. I Want Php 5,000 FullyBooked GC’s « McDy Happy Meals Says:

    […]  […]

  398. Ton Dy Says:

    Done! Here you Go!

  399. rachel tiozon Says:!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1453790371

  400. Almyra Yambao Says:

    posted it in fb and multiply:

  401. Genalyn L. Timbang Says:



  402. Tiffany San Juan Says:

    Here’s my twitter post!

  403. E Says:

  404. Jackielyn Rhio Guerrero Says:

    here’s my post on facebook:

  405. Wigi Oliveros Says:

    Here’s my facebook post! 😀

  406. Gabriel Borlongan Says:

  407. happysole Says:

    hello! here’s my post:!/gwenythe?ref=profile

  408. mikaeli Says:

  409. Karla Ravida Says:


  410. Kaye Says:

  411. Mel Says:

    Posted at Tumblr:

  412. Gel Says:

  413. Berns Says:

    Here’s the link!

  414. Jescia Aquilizan Says:

    here’s my post on facebook:!/notes/jescia-aquilizan/win-win-win/297396751375

  415. Jescia Aquilizan Says:!/notes/jescia-aquilizan/win-win-win/297396751375

  416. ARVIN Says:

    Mission accomplished!

  417. Pam Agaloos Says:

    Twitter –

    Facebook –

    Tumblr –

  418. Hope Swann Says:



  419. Bethel Cruz Says:

    blogging and survey, done 🙂

  420. Luzia Balagtas Says:

    posted it on FB!/luzia.balagtas?v=feed&story_fbid=297979458564&ref=nf

    and on twitter

    yey ;]

  421. Ice Says:

    Heeere’s the link

  422. Ceej Says:

    Here it is! 😀

  423. Melanie N> Esponilla Says:

    hi! here’s the link:

    btw,when i answered the survey i put my home address in cavite but i reside in pasig.i hope im still qualified.

  424. Melanie N. Esponilla Says:

    here’s my link :

  425. Gica Says:

  426. Eka Salonga Says:

    done. 🙂

  427. owie Says:

    done with the survey

    i posted it in my blog

  428. Purgy Says:


    Books are ♥ !!!!

  429. basille Says: 🙂

  430. Kevin Sarmiento Says:


  431. Job de Leon Says:

  432. bian villanueva Says:

    Link here

  433. Paula Says: Oopsies… This is it really.

  434. Fully Booked GC’s « Clar Reposts Things Online Says:

    […] […]

  435. claratechop Says:


  436. Carmela Says:

  437. Gel Says:

    Hope I win this!!

  438. Katrina Says:

    Done and done. ^_^

  439. Niña Says:

    posted it on plurk:

  440. Marian Says:

    (1) done with the survey
    (2) posted on facebook –
    (3) posted on twitter –

  441. Cheryl Says:


  442. Cheryl Says:

    facebook 🙂

  443. Philippe Says:


  444. Me-an Says:

    I loved reading books especially parenting books. Hope I could win this one. SUrvey done.

    I blog it at

  445. dancewithnikz Says:

    here’s my blog about it 🙂

  446. Kaye Raymundo Says:


  447. winthegc Says:

    Contest is now closed. Winner will be announced within the day. Good luck and thank you for participating. =)

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